Freight Your Business Anywhere In The World

  • Freight Your Business Anywhere In The World

    Freight Your Business Anywhere In The World

    Moving your house is hard, moving your business is even harder. There’s usually a lot more to move and it takes more time to pack up, leave, and then set up in a new location. Due to this, using traditional moving companies can be both tedious and expensive. But there’s a solution to this – use a freight container to move your business.

    Freight containers for clarification, are those things you usually see on ships, bringing goods to and from around world. They come in different sizes, however the most common are 20 and 40 feet containers. They are sturdy enough that they can be shipped from China to New York, but secure enough that they are used for shipping glass and fresh produce.

    The Benefits of using Freight Containers

    While freight containers aren’t known for moving businesses, they provide a plethora of benefits. These benefits include:

    • Flexibility of moving. Moving trucks have to keep to a schedule, however, containers can be dropped off and picked up at your convenience, allowing more time to pack and unpack, without the extra cost.
    • Storage if needed. The realities of moving business locations are that a new location may not be ready upon arrival. With freight containers, that isn’t an issue. Not only can containers be left on site for you to unpack leisurely, but they can also be stored in our warehouse before and after you move.
    • Moving anywhere for less. If you are moving down the street and your office is tiny, a conventional truck moving company might be best for you. But if you are moving across town, across the country, or across the world, freight containers are the best solution. It also tends to be cheaper the longer the move distance is.

    Make your move today

    Whether you are moving across town or to Timbuktu R&A Trucking Company has you covered. With 20 & 40 foot freight containers you can pack up your business and move anywhere.

    Contact R&A Trucking Company for all of your trucking needs.

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