The sidelifter loads and unloads containers from the ground, from other vehicles, including railway rolling stock, and directly from stacks on docks or aboard container ships.

Minimal shifting, prevents containers from tilting or dropping. Reduces the potential for damage to ground surfaces. Eliminates the need for cranes or forklifts

R&A offers short- or long-term private container rental service. Renting a shipping container for moving your business is cost efficient. We can transport domestically by rail or truck.

We pick-up and deliver your storage container wherever and whenever you need it.

Serving California, Oregon and Nevada.

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Container Side - Loading Services


Container Transportation Loaded or Unloaded

R&A Container Lifting Service is a ground level pickup specialist. We lift and transport conex boxes, conex containers, and sea crates.


Shipping Container Transfer

Our container side-loading system allows quick and easy transfer of shipping containers on or off of trailers or chassis for easy loading/unloading of shipped contents.


Loaded Shipping Containers

Our self-loading semi-trailers lift and place your loaded container at ground level or onto a truck for transport.


Container Lifting and Moving Services:

  • Sports Teams
  • Franchises
  • Construction Companies
  • Event Planners
  • Cities
  • Music Entertainers
  • Movie Companies
  • Theater Groups
  • Moving Overseas
  • Precious Cargo


Lift Capacity – Up to 70,00lbs.
Containers weighed at your location.
Loaded and unloaded container transport.
Containers can be stacked 2 high.


R&A Container Lifting is just one of the transportation services that R&A Trucking has provided the Oakland, Stockton, Richmond and San Francisco ports for nearly 50 years.

Our capabilities include handling international and domestic freight and cargo by land, air and sea and our transportation services include:  Trucking | Intermodal | Warehousing | Container Lifting | Logistics

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