Side-Lifting Container Requirements


Ensure the container has 4 bottom corner castings approx. ⅞” thick, and check that they are open and free of debris like dirt and rocks.

Side-loading trucks utilize these castings for attachment to the container properly for transport.


Our side-loading trucks can lift a maximum of 70,000 lbs. The US Highway maximum payload for R&A trucking is limited to 38,000 lbs.


A/C boxes and any other accessories that protrude from your containers will need to be removed before lifting or transport.


R&A’s side-loading trucks are 60’ long and 14’ tall with a minimum turning radius of 40’. A minimum of 10 feet of space beside the container is required for safe loading/unloading. Below images are provided to help you understand our space requirements for loading or unloading containers with our equipment.

R&A Container Lifting - Container Lifting Requirements

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The sidelifter loads and unloads containers from the ground, from other vehicles, including railway rolling stock, and directly from stacks on docks or aboard container ships.

Minimal shifting, prevents containers from tilting or dropping. Reduces the potential for damage to ground surfaces. Eliminates the need for cranes or forklifts.

R&A offers short- or long-term private container rental service. Renting a shipping container for moving your business is cost efficient. We can transport domestically by rail or truck.