Benefits of transporting freight containers by Railway

  • Benefits of transporting freight containers by Railway

    Benefits of transporting freight containers by Railway

    Advantages of Using Rail Freight

    The transport and logistic industry is constantly changing to ensure it can meet the customer’s need for instant gratification. Currently, businesses in this industry have to figure out how to provide seamless last-mile delivery. Doing this will help them stay competitive in an ever-expanding market.

    Although there are different container transportation modes, one that stands out is rail freight. The advantages of railway transportation are too many to ignore. In this article, we take a comprehensive look at the top reasons why you should transport freight containers by railway.

    1. Low Exhaust Emissions

    Every company is striving to become environmentally -friendly. It’s not about brand promotion but about protecting future generations. Did you know that rail freight produces less CO2 emissions than sea or air freight? Additionally, rail transport lowers greenhouse gas emissions by over 755 compared to road transport.

    2. Shorter Lead Times Increases Reliability

    When moving containers over long distances, companies have to choose between sea and rail transportation. However, rail freight is both more reliable and quicker than shipping by sea. Railway transportation allows you to cut delivery time by at least half. You can, therefore, reduce lead time significantly. Companies that need to move high-demand goods over short periods will find rail freight an excellent alternative.

    3. Possibility for GPS Tracking

    There has been a significant advancement in technology across the railway industry over the past decade. Nowadays, most trains include GPS tracking to reduce theft and increase security while in transit. You can, therefore, pinpoint the location of your containers at any moment during transportation. It’s always nice having the power to monitor your goods in real-time.

    4. Reduces Transportation Cost

    Rail freight is significantly cheaper than road or air transportation. For starters, rail has a lower fuel cost when compared to both of the above alternatives. Equally, costs associated with drivers are also reduced. You will, therefore, save a lot of money in the long run when you choose railway transportation.

    Experienced Rail Freight Transportation Services

    If your company will benefit by utilizing rail freight for your cargo transportation, then contact R&A Trucking Company and take the next step to realizing those benefit.  R&A Trucking offers complete rail freight services to minimize logistic planning.  With over 50 years in the transportation industry they understand all the inner workings to ensure efficient, seamless and cost-efficient cargo handling.

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