5 Benefits of Container Lifting

  • 5 Benefits of Container Lifting

    5 Benefits of Container Lifting

    Trucking companies in the United States use various equipment engineered to load, unload, and haul containers. Side-loaders or side-lifters distinguish themselves from flatbeds for having hydraulic lifting systems on either end of the trailer chassis.

    Some people call them self-loading trailers due to their container lifting capabilities. Container lifting offers many benefits to shipping companies and their clients.

    No Extra Machines

    Using a self-loading trailer eliminates the need for forklift and cranes. The side-loader lifts containers from the ground and places them on the truck without using additional lifting equipment. Having fewer machines at the scene cuts costs and saves space.

    Faster Loading and Unloading

    Shipping trucks, whether yours or hired, are a costly resource, and idle time means losing money. Self-loading trucks minimize the time needed to load or unload containers since the lifting mechanism is inbuilt. The number of shipments and receptions per unit time increases, leading to more efficiency and higher profits. Trucking companies can potentially pass the cost advantage to their clients.

    Minimal Damages and Injuries

    Traditional loading and unloading methods like dragging and sliding of containers cause damage to floors and trailers. They are also unsafe for workers, as accidents can happen when containers tilt or drop unexpectedly.

    On the other hand, self-loading trucks secure containers firmly before lifting and landing them gently to avoid breaking the ground. Additionally, there is minimal or no tilting, meaning the contents remain intact throughout the whole process.

    Double Stacking

    Space is precious in the shipping industry. Whether you are dealing with full or empty Conex boxes, container lifting improves cargo arrangement. Side-lifters allow for quick double stacking, saving space and time.

    Controlled Tonnage

    Container lifting systems allow a maximum weight of 70,000 lbs, and they display load weights on a screen. The driver cannot transport heavier loads than the permitted limit unknowingly, thereby preventing penalties.

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