Container Lifting, Moving & Logistic Benefits

  • Container Lifting, Moving & Logistic Benefits

    Container Lifting, Moving & Logistic Benefits

    In operation for nearly 50 years, R&A Trucking Company provides California, Oregon, and Nevada with a complete set of transportation services, including container lifting and moving.

    Who Needs Container Lifting Services?

    • Construction Companies
    • Event Planners
    • Sports Teams and Franchises
    • Cities and Townships
    • Movie, Music and Theater Companies
    • Those Moving Overseas

    What Is Container Lifting and Moving?

    It’s all in the name! Using self-loading container trucks called Side-Loaders (sometimes referred to as side-lifters or self-loading trailers) we will pick up your storage container and deliver it whenever and wherever you need it. This service includes:

    Loaded and Unloaded Container Transport 

    The ground level pickup specialists at R&A will lift and transport conex boxes, containers and sea crates.

    Shipping Container Transfer

    Loading and unloading shipped contents has never been easier than with our side-loading system.

    Loaded Shipping Containers

    Whether loading onto a truck for transport or placing it at ground level, our self-loading semi-trailers can lift and move your loaded container wherever you need it.

    Container Stacking

    Loaded and empty containers can be stacked 2 high to save space.

    Benefits of R&A Container Lifting Service

    No Forklifts Required

    Not only does this save on having to rent expensive, bulky equipment, but our self-loading trucks can get to storage containers where cranes cannot. Our trucks can load from either driver or passenger side, making pick up easier.

    Level Lifting

    Loaded containers are often weighted more heavily on one side or the other. Our level-lifting side-loading process protects the contents of your storage container.

    70,000 lbs. Capacity

    We can pick up even the heaviest loaded containers.

    Reduced Ground Surface Damage

    Our trucks make moving your storage containers safer not just for the contents inside, but for the grounds outside.

    Call R&A Today

    Contact R&A Trucking Company today if you have a container that needs moving! Our professional and courteous staff is looking forward to moving your container wherever and whenever you need it.


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